Time to knit again

Okay, so this last month I have not been a prolific knitter. I still have my second sock to finish – I’m about half way done that. I think that’s my project for this weekend. It continues to be a summerless summer for the most part and this long weekend is shaping up to be more of the same. Rain and clouds.  Perfect for knitting. Not so great for camping.

I also started a scarf when I made an impromptu visit to Victoria’s Beehive Wool Shop. It was such a gorgeous, huge store and I just couldn’t walk out of there emptyhanded, so I picked up a lovely Italian yarn whose name escapes me right now (since I’m not at home, I can’t check the ballband). Anyway, it was very squishy and soft and the perfect colour of burgundy and I have no idea who it’s for, but I just had to cast it on so I could play with it.

Of course, you know I’m just dying to start something with that gorgeous handspun.  It’s just over 500 yards and I (not being an expert on these things) am guessing about a worsted weight? So, now I have to figure out what that is suitable for. If anyone has any ideas, let me have ’em. I want it to be something really nice that I can wear, hopefully. 

Three days of no work. Bring it on! Maybe I will have a pair of socks by the end of it. The way this summer is going, I might need them.


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