More treats!

I have had a crazy busy couple of weeks and I’ve been having lots of fun. Last weekend I went to circus school! It was just like being a kid again, jumping on the trampoline and swinging on the trapeze! If you ever get the chance, swing on a trapeze! You won’t regret it.

On to knitterly things. I got another package from my secret pal! She is so great. I had mentioned earlier that my friend having a baby is allergic to wool and I would have to find something else to use for any baby knits I make. Lo and behold, my sp came to my aid. Check it out:

sp10 cotton

That’s 3 gorgeous colours of Knitpicks Shine (sorry the picture’s a little blurry). Also this:

sp10 non-wool

Knitpicks cotlin and Mission Falls cotton! That Mission Falls looks really neat. I can almost picture it as a nice little jacket or something . The colours are all beautiful, not the pale pastels you usually see for baby things. I like more vibrant colours on kids, even infants.

This is what I saw when I opened the box:

sp pckg 2

Mini chocolate bars! It doesn’t get much better than that!


7 responses to “More treats!

  1. Glad you liked everything! Let me know how that Cotlin knits up, I haven’t used it yet.

  2. Janis Knot a Knitter

    Hey you
    I want to see more finished products? Whatever you knit with that green and purple yarn is going to be adorable in those colours. When are you moving to a smaller island? The more I get to kow you the more I can see you peddling your wares at the Saturday markets, baking bread and producing art from various mediums.
    Has anyone ever told you to consider a career in art? You are a natural!

  3. Good morning, pal! I should have time today to put your last package in the mail. Then you get to find out who I am!

  4. Hey there! Curious as to who I am? You’ll find out any day now…

  5. I can’t wait! I’m dying to know!

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