Back on the Horse

Finally, I have a memory card for my camera! So, I can finally show you what my pal sent!

sp10 package 1

See that? It’s the book Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch and the fantastic jitterbug yarn! Also, some very nice soap and moisturizer that I can finally use now that I’ve got it photographed. Also, there is a chocolate bar that supports endangered species and some Altoids, which I don’t think are sold here in Canada. I’ve never seen them before. She made me some discs with a whole bunch of knitting podcasts. I can’t wait to listen to them!

This has been a crazy couple of weeks and I’ve gotten super busy lately, but mostly with fun things so I can’t complain. I have been spending some time working on some socks with my new yarn. One is finished and I’ve started on the second one. Check out my finished sock (the slipped stitch rib pattern from the above-mentioned book):

jitterbug sock

I only have one question. Is it normal when knitting socks to have your neck muscles tighten up? I am finding that my neck is killing me after knitting on them for a couple of days. I wonder if there is something wrong with my technique or if it’s just a matter of not being used to using those muscles that way? Or maybe I’m all tense because I’m using those double-pointed needles and I’m not comfortable with them yet (trying too hard to knit tightly so I don’t get laddering). Oh well, I am determined to finish a pair so I figure another week or so and I should have my first pair of socks. They’re really warm and comfortable!


2 responses to “Back on the Horse

  1. The sock looks great! Glad that you liked everything. The Altoids are not really Altoids, though– open the tin! There’s a surprise inside.

  2. Hiya! Just checking in to see if you’d opened the not-really-Altoids-inside-box-of-Altoids yet, and if my package had gotten to you yet. Back to vacation now, have a great weekend!

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