Lost and found

Okay, I have to admit defeat. I cannot find that memory card for my camera anywhere. I’m going to have to go get a new one. That also means that I’ve lost the pictures I took of my package from my secret pal, so I’ll have to take new ones with my crappy old camera. I also had pictures of my Knitpicks options cable that fell apart. That was the last one I had that was any good. When I bought the set, some of the cables were faulty and now the last of them has broken. I could try crazy glue I guess, but I don’t have any. So, I’m just going to order new ones. However, in the meantime I’ve had to abandon my central park hoodie. I am not having good knitting mojo.

So… I’ve cast on for a pair of socks with my new Jitterbug yarn from my sp. I’m loving the colours in it. It’s just perfect for socks and they’ll look so good with a pair of jeans. I’m glad to have a project to work on (let’s just pretend those wips do not exist). I’ve gotten away from my knitting the last couple of weeks and it feels really good to be doing it again.

In other news, it is finally starting to get sunnier here and we’re getting spring-like temperatures some days. What a difference it makes! Not that I’ve been able to really enjoy it, having a truly nasty cold for the last week, but I’m on the mend and getting ready to think about summer fun.

I listened to the cd my secret pal made for me. It has 100 songs on it! That’s about 5 hours of music. It was a great mix. I laughed when it started and the first song was by Joni Mitchell, who’s one of my favourite artists (I play and sing some of her songs when someone hands me a guitar.) So, thank you sp for taking the time to make that for me. I’ll have to check out some of the artists on there. There were quite a few I’ve never heard before. I love being introduced to new music.


4 responses to “Lost and found

  1. Glad you are liking everything! That sucks about the memory card, though. I know I couldn’t live without my camera– I take photos just about every day. I hope you get a new card soon– I look forward to seeing how those socks are turning out.

    Oh, and I should be mailing off a new package for you either tomorrow or Monday! 🙂

  2. Happy May 15th! I have a package for you, I just need time to go to the post office…! 🙂

  3. Hey there! Just stopping by to say hi. Hope everything is okay with you…? Package #2 was put in the mail on Friday, so hopefully you should get it late next week! One more package to go until you get to find out who I am…

  4. Hiya! I’m leaving tomorrow to go on a six-day vacation, but I’ll try to stop in late in the week and see if you got Package #2. Hope everything is going well on your end. Getting much knitting done these days, or is the weather up your way too nice to stay indoors…?

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