Tail between my legs…I’ve been a bad blogger

First, I have to apologize for disappearing. It’s a been a crazy couple of weeks and I haven’t been home very much. I have to say a great big thank you to my super awesome secret pal, who is so thoughtful. She sent me a fantastic package with lots of great stuff, including some gorgeous jitterbug sock yarn in the colour “bright charcoal”. And, she sent me the book “sensational knitted socks” which is going to be so useful to me. I need to read some parts of it before I can decide what pattern I’ll use for my new socks!

I need to put some pictures up so you can see everything, but I can’t find the memory card for my camera. I took some pictures and I brought the card to work hoping I would be able to put them on my computer there and do a post, but that was a bust and now I don’t know where it is. I know I’ll find it, but I haven’t yet. So, there’s one reason I haven’t been posting. What’s a knitting blog with no pictures?

The other great thing my pal sent me was a birthday present! She knew I didn’t have a ball winder so she got me one for my birthday! Is that not the nicest thing ever? I love it!! I’m going to have so much fun with it. I love the way yarn looks when it’s all wound up in those little cakes.

I feel like this is a really lame post and I need to go look some more for that card so I can do justice to it all. I’m sick this week and I finally took a day off work (I never do that). I spent my birthday and this past weekend doing salsa dancing in various places in Vancouver and Victoria. A friend of mine wanted to learn and man, when she wants to do something, she does it all the way! So, I’ve spent hardly any time at home and I think I wore myself down. It was worth it though. We had lots of fun (and I saw Ben Kingsley in Vancouver!) It’s a great place to see stars, but of course, being a good Canadian, I don’t pester them 🙂

So, hopefully I can get a better post up in the next couple of days. If I have to, I’ll go buy another card and take new pics!


One response to “Tail between my legs…I’ve been a bad blogger

  1. Glad to see you surface, and also (selfishly, lol) glad that you’re enjoying what I’ve sent so far! Your May package is almost ready, I’m just waiting for something to be delivered… should be early next week, and then your next package will be in the mail!

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