It’s been a strange week and I haven’t got much done that I’ve meant to do. I’m still working on the CPH. The fronts are done and I’m doing both sleeves together. I’ve been a bit of a slacker. I decided it was time to read a book last week, because it’s been a while since I’ve read any non-fiction and I figured it would be nice to just escape into something. So, I picked up Watership Down since I’d never read it and it’s one of those classics that everyone else read when they were a kid. It was really a good read, not as menacing as I imagined it was going to be, but I suppose if I were 12 I’d have found it a little more frightening. I find it gets harder and harder to get caught up in a good story lately. Maybe I just have too many things on my mind. This is not the best time of year for me because January through April are the busiest time at work and I start to feel like I really need a nice long vacation. I could lie on a beach for about a month right about now. I think that’s how long it would take to really relax. Also, I’m used to a slightly different climate and around this time I feel like we should be starting to get some of those nice warm days with a little humidity. Instead I’m on the coast where it’s usually windy and very rarely do we get those warm, muggy days I love so much.

Stop me! I shouldn’t be whining. I actually went for a very nice paddle on Friday in a spot where you can see all the snow-capped Coast Mountains to the northeast and Mount Baker to the south. One of these days I’m going to have to risk taking my camera with me. It really is beautiful. There were several seals popping their heads up, a river otter scampering on the rocks of one of the islands and all sorts of birds around. Speaking of birds, I heard a piliated woodpecker on my walk to work this morning. I’ve seen it a few times always around the same area. I didn’t catch sight of it today but there’s no mistaking the sound of it pecking.

Anyway, sorry no pictures today but I had to get something up here. Hopefully I’ll have something to show you soon.


4 responses to “Unproductive

  1. I love “Watership Down”! One of my favorite books. I think I must have read it four or five times. There’s an animated movie of it, if you can ever get ahold of it. It’s trippy and creepy, but pretty well done. You know. For animation.

    That is so fantastic that you’re surrounded by beauty and nature. I can only imagine the expanse of it! Mountains?! Snow?! I’m jealous! Of course, you might be jealous of the hot weather we’re already getting down here… it’s only April but it feels like spring is on its way out and summer is about to replace it.

  2. Well friend those warm muggy days don’t sound appealing to this West Coaster one bit.

    When I left the last post about dancing I had no idea we would become semi -pro by now, Lol! Thanks for geting me started, you prepared me for our lesson at da’mug.

    So Happy Birthday Beautiful. Your almost as old as me now! Well, you are definately as old as I was a few years ago! That’s for sure! Hope you had a fun and EARLY night out celebrating. We need to be in our best form tonight on the dance floor…remember what David (dance instructor) said?!

    Maybe you can’t post what you’ve been knitting because your busy working on my touque…a suprise?! JK! Your not really Canadian if you don’t have a hand knit touque!

    Have a great year!

  3. Happy Birthday! Happy Earth Day! Hope that you’re having a wonderful weekend.

  4. i watched watership down as a kid. it was so scary…still when it cam out on dvd, i bought it!
    it has been about 3 weeks since you blogged. everything ok? email me!

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