An old UFO

So, back in the summer I started the Kimono Styled Sweater from Knit Picks. When it came time to seam it up, it seemed like there would be some issues with fit, so I put it aside and haven’t looked at it since. Now that I don’t really have any other projects on the go, I’ve picked it up again. I’m thinking I will just go ahead and block the pieces so I can see if they stretch or shrink at all. Then, if I have to shorten the body a bit, I can take out the bindoffs and rip back a few rows at the top. Then I’m going to finish and add the neckband so I can try it on and check the sleeve length. Right now they seem too short, but I’m really not sure where they’ll start and how they’ll hang. This is what it looks like right now:

kimono sweater


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