Been gone too long….

Wow. I’m feeling guilty and I don’t even have any readers yet. It’s just the busiest time of year for me at work and I’ve been feeling like I have no time to get anything done around my house. That always puts me into procrastination mode. I feel like it’s coming to an end though. I think I’ve convinced myself that spring is just around the corner (wishful thinking maybe).

Perhaps one reason is that, when faced with a good deal, I bought myself a kayak. It was used for guiding by one of the outfitters in Victoria, so it’s got a few patches, but I don’t mind. Makes it look like I’m an old hand at this paddling thing (which I’m not). Anyway, it’s a greenland style boat with a nice low back deck for rolling. I have some pictures that I’ll try to put up later. Also, I’ve got some video of me practicing my rolls at the pool! I will make an attempt to put that up as well. I know I keep saying things like that, but bear with me dear non-existent readers. There’s a bit of a learning curve here.


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